Within the ecovillage, some spaces will be rehabilitated to accommodate professionals whose values are in line with those of the project. 

Some areas of the place are perfectly suited to the creation of a professional space with various workshops to set up a craft activity (bakery, woodworking, pottery, participatory grocery and zero waste, solidary gardening, shared office spaces…). 


Because the sharing of spaces seems to us to go in the right direction and because the diversity of professional profiles can be an important lever for exchanges, practice and creativity, we wish to offer residents but also to outsiders the possibility of working on site in the shared workspace or to exercise a liberal activity. Permanent employees, part-time employees, as well as transients who simply want to have Internet access (fibre will arrive in Cublize in 2020!), an office to set up for a few hours or tools in our workshops can use this space. This space can also be used by residents and craftsmen who would like to establish themselves professionally on site, have a professional workshop and use the professional space for their hours of paperwork so that the private space remains truly private! At your disposal: a shared kitchen and sanitary facilities, furniture in an open room, 3 to 5 closed rooms that can be used for medical consultations or other confidential interviews.

The spaces adapted to the craft industry correspond to the southwest wing of the building and the adjoining hangar. 


The professionals present at the site will be presented here.