MagnyÉthique will be the home for up to 12 intergenerational and intercultural households. Along with individual flats, we have shared spaces thanks to which we can reduce our economical and ecological impact.


We believe that the sharing of spaces and some of the furniture and equipment is an ecological act, going against their commonly experienced overconsumption. The buildings offer an enormous potential for private housing, flats on the ground, 1st and 2nd floors. The distribution of some apartments will be reviewed to improve the diversity of offers and thus the diversity of households (from single persons to large families) but the vast majority can be occupied after a simple refreshment. Thus, we will have at our disposal about 12 apartments between 35 and 110m² of living space. To this purely private surface are added the common areas: large common room with an association office, bar and semi-professional kitchen; laundry room; guest rooms; book and toy library, music room; cellars; various workshops; not to mention the common permacol space aiming to achieve a certain food autonomy!

We through the development commission are currently studying the distribution of space. We will then be able to accurately communicate the private spaces still available for newcomers:

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  • x T5 !!

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Habitants et futurs habitants

Our group has developed an [integration process] ( to allow each (future) member to gradually enter the project before a final commitment.

Currently, the group is composed of:

You can find biographies for our active members on the French mirror; feel free to check your French skills or us any translator of your choice! :-)