From this summer on, we definitely need some helping hands in order to execute all projects in small agriculture and interieur. We foresee works like cleaning, demolishing and reconstructing walls, reorganisation, isolation, heating and electricity works, pruning, construction of an ecological stabilisation pond, a hen run and other places for animals. In 2020, we will start the use of our garden with a design inspired by permaculture for which we will have an intensive training this autumn. Hence, we will be planting and digging a lot! In addition to that, we dream of a lovely bread oven, a sweat lodge, a naturally filtered pond, etc.

The principle is easy: we offer a cosy place for your tent or a bed inside our Castle (depending on your wishes and needs), access to toilets and showers, as well as food or cooked meals, and would like you to help us for about six amusing hours inside or outside.

You can find us on Twiza (fr.), a plattform for workcamps. But you can also drop by if you want to help for a couple of days or more. We have planned camps on following slots:

  • 01st to 06th of July: preparation, group life
  • 13th and 14th of July: cutting of the thujas and construction of a play ground for our children
  • 18th to 26th of July: decrusting of the outside walls, preparation for lime rendering, restoration of the alley
  • 29th of July to 04th of August: descrusting and lime rendering
  • 15th to 23th of August: to be defined after technical feedback by our architect

If you want to help us for a short or long period, drop us a line via our contact form. We will get in touch with you and discuss everything else. There will be loads of things to do!